The Quality Of Murphy
2007 - The Murf Label MURF001 CD


Disc One
The Folker (Fred Wedlock)[6]
Joseph McHugh [8]
Another Round [3]
The Limerick Rake [8]
The Flowers Of Edinburgh/Chief O'Neill's Favourite [5]
The Town Of Ballybay (T. Makem) [1983]
Love Is Pleasing [5]
Dublin Lady (Carrol/Irvine)[3]
Far Away In Australia [8]
Brian Boru [6]
The Leather Bottle [5]
Reagan and the Leprechaun (A. Lavery) [2000]
Don't Think Twice (Bob Dylan)[6]
The Lakes Of Ponchartrain [8]
Floo'rs O' Edinburgh [3]
The Vicar and the Frog (Murphy/Crowther)[7]
Dinny Burns The Piper [1]
The Curragh Of Kildare [5]
The Comical Geunius [1983]
Reilly's Daughter (One Eyed Reilly) [7]

Disc Two
Dandy Vernon [8]
As I Roved Out [7]
The Good Ship Calabar [6]
The Tinkerman's Daughter [1983]
Building Up And Tearing England Down [8]
Step It Out Mary [1983]
The Old Man's Tale (Campbell)[7]
Enniskillen Dragoon [2]
Our Farnham [1997]
Rakish Paddy [3]
The Bricks (Pat Cooksey) Recorded at a Jake Thackray gig at the Red Lion Folk Club [Birminghaam, 1987]
Spancil Hill [1983]
From Clare To Here (McTell)[7]
The Ones Who Got Lost In The World [8]
Cheif O'Neill's Favourite [1983]
Mursheen Durkin [7]
Carrickfergus [8]
Rambling Robin [5]
Welcoming Paddy Home [8]
Meet On The Ledge (Thompson)[7]
…And Then They Went Home


The majority of the material on these 2 CDs in previously released, as noted below. However, there are quite a few tracks dated "1983", so there may be another Noel Murphy recording, missing from my collection.

1 from Noel Murphy (Irish Songs): 1966 - Columbia COL SEG 8493 EP
2 from NYA-A-A-A-AH!: 1967 - Fontana STL 5450 LP
3 from Another Round: 1968 - Fontana STL 5496 LP
4 from A Touch of the Blarney: 1969 - Music for Pleasure MFP 1287 LP
5 from Murf: 1974 - The Village Thing VTS-25 LP
6 from Performs: 1976 - PLANT PLR 002 LP
7 from Caught In The Act: 1978 - RCA PL25151 LP
8 from A Session: 1998 - FHRR CD777 CD