Twenty Years A-Growing
1987 - Release RRL 8022 LP


Side One:
St. Brendan's Fair Isle
Golden, Golden
Christmas in the Trenches
Scottish Settler's Lament

Side Two
In His Old Blue Suit
Lough Tay Boat Song
Kilkelly, Ireland
Thief of the World
Moon, Shine on Me


Bill Whelan: piano, synthesizer, DX.7, Emulator II
Des Moore: guitar
Donal Lunny: bouzouki and bodhran
Eoghan O'Neill: bass, fretless bass
Davy Spillane: uilleann pipes, whistles
Andy Irvine: mandolin and harmonica
John Sheahan: fiddle
Brian Dunning: flute, alto and concert
Noel Eccles: percussion, chimes and cymbals
Declan Masterson: concertina

Musical arrangement: Bill Whelan
Recorded at Landsdowne Studios, Dublin, Ireland
Engineer: Andrew Boand

Many thanks to all my friends on both sides of the Atlantic who made the album possible.